South Beach Beverage Company in Saratoga Springs, New York - Deceptive labeling

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I purchased SOBE lifewater pomegranate cherry vitamin enhanced water beverage January 30. Upon closer scrutiny of the ingredients not only is there no pomegranate, there is no cherry listed.

There is however elderberry which is not the flavor I would have preferred, had SOBE lifewater given me the chance to buy what flavor I prefer.

I would recommend that any person buying any of these products take a close look at the ingredients and the order in whic h they are listed, most to least. Elderberry juice concentrate is third from the bottom and is only used as a colorant, not a flavoring!!!

Monetary Loss: $2.



Sobe 0 calorie drinks are awesome! They are naturally sweetened with stevia so no toxic sugar substitutes and they taste great and are a good alternative to plain water!

My husband and I go through about 30 bottles a week because we don't drink any soft drinks or sugary juices. Some people need to get a life,, lol!!

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